Sennheiser Ew 112 P G4 Evolution Wireless Portable Lavalier

$65.00 Rental

Get broadcast quality sound for any camera mounted application! The Sennhesier EW 112p G4 provides the highest flexibility for your video sound and field recording applications. It's a robust wireless microphone system that offers excellent sound quality, simple mounting and ease of use.

This rugged all-in-one wireless system with high flexibility for broadcast quality sound includes the omnidirectional clip-on microphone ME 2 for excellent speech intelligibility and daily on-location use.

  • Rugged all-in-one wireless system with high exibility for broadcast quality sound

  • Excellent sound and construction quality

  • Easy to use and fast setup time

  • Powerful and reliable wireless transmission

  • Range: up to 100 meters / 330 feet

  • Up to 8 hours of operation time

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